Python swallows drunk man in Nigeria

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This is the biggest hoax going around the internet today.It’s a story claiming a huge python ate a drunk bloke on the streets of Nigeria, after he fell asleep outside a liquor store in the Ikara area in the Kaduna State, Nigeria

in the Ikara area in the Kaduna State
in the Ikara area in the Kaduna State
in the Ikara area in the Kaduna State

As you can see, the photo is pretty good as it does appear to have eaten something. However, the same photo has been around the internet for over 12 months, more recently in South Africa, where a South African reporter named Linda Laina Nyatoro claimed to have taken the photo near Durban North, South Africa.

None of the stories have been confirmed by any reputable news source. But it’s a good yarn!

Maybe pythons should be let out across all major cities after midnight to discourage heavy drinking! – See more at:

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