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Levy Mwanawasa Stadium

Levy Mwanawasa Stadium


Soccer fans are disappointed with the poor maintenance of the newly built Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola.

And the fans have also called on Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili to closely monitor the maintenance of the stadium before it is too late.

Speaking this morning on Millennium radio phone in programme dubbed ‘I heard’, one soccer fan only identified as Shawa complained that the colour of the grass had changed ,a sign that the stadium was not looked after well.

Shawa condemned Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) for not maintaining the facility even after collecting huge sums of money from gate passes and other functions that were held at the stadium.

He said it was disappointing that a newly constructed facility could easily lose its shape within a short period of time.

“Some chairs are broken already, Zambia has played less than five matches in that stadium and already its looking worn out, people will be demotivated if nothing is done to take back the colour of the grass,” Shawa said.

Meanwhile other soccer fans on the programmes expressed disappointment at FAZ poor ticket sell strategy.

Another caller only identified as Betty of Chilenje South noted that FAZ would be losing out if it did not come up with strict measures on the sale of tickets.

Betty wondered how the stadium could have 3000 seats empty when tickets had run out in all selling points.

“People who wanted to travel to Ndola were told the tickets had run out and the stadium had 3000 seats empty, FAZ through their agents were allowing some person to purchase over 100 tickets and reselling them at K50 as opposed to K20, All this shows poor management of ticket sells. We hope this won’t happen again for the Sudan match this Saturday,” she explained.

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